Automated Rent Collections & Payments.

Automated Record Delivery.

Aggressive Marketing Techniques.

Minimized Vacancy & Turn Over.

Property Maintenance Follow Up.

Detailed Inspection Reports.

Most Tenants Rent More Than 2 Years.

Prompt Response to Tenant Request.


Each program below is designed to fit the various needs of today's changing rental market. 

Which one is the perfect match for you?

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Pre-Marketing Services

  • Our team of trained professionals is always available to discuss your leasing concerns and answer all of your questions about getting your investment leased quickly. ( contact).
  • We will provide an up to date rental market analysis.
  • We will advise you on what it will take to make your investment market ready for today's tenant.
Marketing your Investment
  • Installation of a professional board sign
  • A Licensed real estate agent who can present your investment 7 days a week
  • Maintain a call center to accept calls live
  • Provide you with up-to-date activity reports every two weeks
Screening the Applicant
  • We will request the potential tenant's Credit Report
  • We will verify Employment & Proof of Income through written documentation
  • We will confirm their previous Rental history plus any possible evictions
  • We will perform background checks including good conduct certificate
Our Move-In Procedures
  • A Locksmith will re-key your property prior to move in
  • We will draft all the documents, review them with the tenant and obtain signatures
  • We will perform a Move-In Inspection
  • We will collect the Security Deposit and three months of rent upon signing
  • Turn over new keys to the new tenant
Rent Up Fees
  • First month rent is charged when your new tenant moves in
Management Services When owners choose Bin Falah Properties to manage their investment property they know they have chosen a professionally trained team of real estate professionals along with well-developed systems to do the job right. We have structured our management system into three areas; Money Management, Tenant Management and Overall Property Management. Below is a brief overview of some of these services. How We Manage Your Money
  • All monies (from all parties) go into Current Accounts
  • Electronic Owner Disbursements (and Cash Flow Statements) to all owners on the 10th of the month
  • Year End Cash Flow Statements
  • One of the industry’s best rent collection policy
Tenant Management
  • Our primary focus is professionally enforcing the Terms of the Rental Agreement
  • Collecting Rent in a timely manner
  • Handle bounced/NSF cheques
  • Assess and collect late fees
  • Managing the eviction process
  • Managing and handling safety issues
  • Handling move-out inspections and disputes regarding to security deposits
Property Management
  • Manage and handle all normal maintenance issues
  • Oversee Contractor Rehabs, Renovations, and Major Replacements.
  • Handle Emergencies through a 24-hour Hotline
  • Pre-Screening Vendors & Contractors. They are required to be Licensed and Insured
  • Manage Vendor & Contractor Response Time and receive feedback from the tenants on work performed
  • Performing Property visits
  • Schedule & oversee Preventative Maintenance Choices
Management Fee Schedule
  • 5% of collected rent. Subject to minimum of BD100.
Renewal Services One of your biggest expenses will take place during a vacancy; i.e., rehab costs, cleaning fees, lawn care, utilities, and worst of all no rental income. Bin Falah Properties is motivated to keep a tenant occupying your investment. How We Renew your Tenant
  • When the tenant renews, there is at least a 1% rent increase
  • We recommend methods for tenant retention
  • We handle all Negotiations between tenant and owner
  • Provide an up-to-date rental market analysis

Full Leasing and Management

Our most popular option, this serves the needs of an owner that needs a professional management company to handle both leasing and management of the home. If you have never managed a property, have no time to do it, or are unfamiliar with  Landlord Tenant Laws, this is the service for you.

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Bin Falah Properties Tenant Placement Service may just be the answer.

  1. We will market your property the exact same way we market our other properties. You get all the same website exposure, leasing agent attention, Real Estate market notification and signage as our lease-with-management clients get.
  2. You are 100% involved with the decision making. We will contact you when we have a qualified application. We will show the property; process the application; obtain their credit, rental history, and verify employment; we then review the application with you. Since you will be managing the tenant you should be making the decision as to who receives approved and the terms of the rental agreement. We will get your authorization in writing and prepare the paperwork, consistent with your approval.
  3. We will have the tenant authorize a Rental Agreement naming you as the landlord.
  4. Bin Falah Properties will perform the Move-In Inspection. We will meet the tenant at the property, document the condition, take photographs, log the make, model, and color of the appliances, hand over keys, receive the security deposit plus the three months of rent. You will be holding their security deposit, not Bin Falah Properties.
  5. You get all the original documents, advance rent and the security deposit. Within 7 days of their move-in you will receive all the signed documents, application, credit report, security deposit and phone numbers. Bin Falah Properties will keep one month rent as our fee and you will receive the rest.
If the tenant renews the lease (or buys the property) you owe us nothing. Think about it:
  • We do all the Marketing
  • We show the property 7 days a week
  • We investigate and screen the applicant
  • You get to approve the transaction
  • We prepare the Rental Agreement
  • We meet with the tenants to sign all the documents
  • We do the move-in inspection with documentation
  • You will receive the security deposit
  • You get a copy of the keys and the contact information
  • You do the management
You get our marketing expertise, our professional team, our time tested qualifying system, A rental agreement, and the benefit of our move-in procedures. Here’s what to do:
  • Submit your property information so that we can run a rental comps analysis. You will receive this within 24 hours, except on weekends.
  • Provide us the keys
  • You get to go on vacation!
  • We’ll do the rest; it’s that simple!

Tenant Placement

(We lease, you manage.) In this program, we handle the marketing, showings, tenant screening and move in. Then we turn over the duties of managing the property to you. If you have limited resources to advertise, no time to find a good tenant, and need a tested and proven lease, this option is for you.

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